Alcohol Recovery Addiction treatment in California

About Executive Sober Living

Executive Sober Living will help you take control of your life again, give you the tools you need to be able to face the stress and pressure that comes with an executive’s career, without relying on drugs or alcohol to cope.

We’re serious about helping you get well-and stay well after you leave executive drug rehab. We know the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction are serious business, and we don’t treat these problems, or your recovery, lightly. But we’re just as serious about helping you create a sense of balance in your life: balance between work and play, home and office, and in the emotional, physical and spiritual areas of life.

To support those goals, we offer a variety of activities and outings to allow you time to enjoy yourself during the first days and weeks of your new life living sober. We also offer additional resources that will allow you to explore aspects of your emotional and spiritual life that your disease may have blown off course.

You can schedule time with a personal “life coach,” yoga instructor, massage therapist or psychological counselor*. You’ll have ample time for meditation and quiet reflection in our peaceful surroundings, or along miles of garden paths that meander beside the ocean, just a short walk from us. You can even enroll in a nearby “fitness boot camp*” to build your physical strength after addiction treatment, while these other options strengthen you emotionally and spiritually.

* additional fees required