Alcohol Recovery Addiction treatment in California

Extended Aftercare

Research has shown that roughly 66% of all relapses following substance abuse treatment will occur within the first 90 days.

Long term treatment programs can, however, sometimes be prohibitively expensive. With medical-based inpatient treatment costs approaching two-thousand dollars a day, suffering addicts and their loved ones are forced to consider sacrificing the proven effectiveness of longer term stays because of their financial impact.

Executive Sober Living of New Method Wellness has an exciting alternative to the costly proposition of longer term traditional care for addiction and alcoholism recovery; the Executive Sober Living “Positive Growth” program. This innovative program emphasizes re-integrating an individual back into the community while providing the support of our proven outpatient program every step of the way.

Clients in this program live in one of our beautiful sober living homes while ensuring abstinence through accountability. Our homes drug test frequently and require residents to sign in and out to establish their whereabouts at all times.

While they live in our sober living facility they attend outpatient treatment for a steadily decreasing number of days per week to provide the early support so needed for the newly recovering.

When not attending the outpatient program, clients are required to be pursuing job opportunities, working, attending school, or volunteering. Our residents are never allowed to stay at home during the week with the television blaring in the afternoon!